Sledgehammer by Paulo J. Reyes


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In Sledgehammer, Max Kroose, an intuitive emergency room physician, suspects that a case of smallpox has presented itself on his watch in the emergency room. The atypical case of smallpox is harder to identify and more lethal than the natural occurring smallpox virus.

Armed with only a hunch, Dr. Kroose must watch precious times pass, as the risk of danger for him and his staff becomes more and more eventual. Kroose must attempt to convince a disbelieving hospital administrator and the public health system of the insidious presentation of this long dead disease and the need to vaccinate the American public.

Only with the help of his mentor, Glen Hamilton a top-level researcher at a classified bioweapons center is the looming epidemic arrested, but tragically not before the horror of smallpox is once again unleashed over the face of the world.

And so this story begs the question of how vulnerable the world may well be one day when such an attack occurs. Should vaccinations be given?


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