Return To Sulphur River- WESTERN HISTORICAL FICTION by Art Anthony


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It is 1828 and Mexico Texas is a wild land. Because not many Mexicans are interested in settling there, the Mexican government is welcoming pioneers from the United States. Pa Logging, his wife, and their two sons have failed at farming their two hundred acres and at running their blacksmith business in Fulton, Arkansas. Thanks to the drought, farmers cannot afford to hire Pa to shoe their horses or repair their wagons. Frank Stroud, his wife, and their sons have been trying to run cattle and hogs on three hundred acres, but the drought has left them in financial ruin. Now as both families leave Arkansas in search of cheap land and a new life in (Perry Point) Anahuac, Texas, they think they will have the same rights they had in the United States. But little do they know that the Mexican government has different ideas. In this engaging historical tale, two Arkansas families trek across dangerous territories in search of a better life in Mexico Texas during the early nineteenth century.


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