Papa’s Bone- A Collection of Poems by Victor Okechukwu Anyaegbuna


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This is VOA’s third published book of poetry. Here, he explores with tremendous passion, contemporary and political matters. He also delves into the little known, and philosophically alludes to life encounters that appear to have wrestled control out of his grip. His dreams, or visions, perhaps a little scary streamline augury of some sort. Some of his works are reminiscent of the legendary Christopher Okigbo, his hero, with whom he may have a lot in common; from ancestry to style, from Idoto to Ideakpulu, one river with sectional names.

He expresses deep romantic imagery in Elegy to the dancing Poet, where intense love and admiration was terminated by sudden shocking untimely death. Anyaegbuna spares no vigour in lambasting bad leadership that has kept his country on her knees, with style and diction; from poems like Enemies of Nigeria, Those we voted, Anambra Elects, to the deeply historical like Otie’s Children that trace his ancestry with romantic didactism. In the long run, it is a great mix that will attract sentiments of fury and resentment, love and admiration, or none at all. He expresses his love and mastery of Nature in many poems with allegorical references to the wild, and concludes with uncommon style of Dimante Poems.


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