Nil Illigitimi Carborundum In Desperandum- Volume 2 by Kevin Clapp


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This book could easily have been named “Death of a Thousand Nails”. While our character deals with VAC, lawyers from the Bureau of Pensions Advocates, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta and Ontario, the police, their respective regulatory bodies and appeal boards, as well as countless lawyers of various disciplines, so that he could regain his financial independence, necessary to avoid losing his opportunity to experience a wife and have children, while he is still youthful enough to do so, his meticulous efforts to bring this matter to a successful conclusion were derailed time and again. Rather than make the deepest bow and immediately admit to an injustice, our character faces continual denial at every avenue. Courage and integrity was rarely witnessed. Protectionism, reputations, and ideology become an obstacle to quick resolve, repeatedly. It was as though he become caught in an endless game of snake and ladders orchestrated by the courts where he experienced severe physical and mental cruelty at every step of the way by those defending their untruths. Never could he make it to the finish line to demonstrate the severe injustices that he experienced, and enable him to free himself from this situation.


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