Jack of Hearts by Jane Becker


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JACK DOYLE is an enigma; an engaging larrikin who lives life on the edge and plays by his own rules. Haunted by grief and guilt; Jack seeks absolution in all the wrong places.

An ex digger, he saw action in Afghanistan and came home with the sort of wounds that do not bleed. The army had taught him to kill but he feared that it was the darkness inside him that had made him a killer.

The army takes young men and trains them to survice in the hostile environment of a war-zone. Here they are asked in the name of duty, to witness and participate in the unspeakable. But when they come home and struggle to slide back into the niche society has waiting for them; they feel condemned for their inability to conform. Hence they find themselves often confined to the fringes of society, forever outcasts in a land they swore to protect.

Rachel collins is strong, independent and passionate; a healer by nature as well as profession. Moving to the beautiful Tasmanian countryside to fulfill her ambitions as a rural vet, she did not count on having a neighbour like Jack Doyle. The more she learns about him the less she can reconcile his generous spirit with the personal demons that threaten his sanity. Perhaps it is only her unconditional love that will provide the sanctuary he seeks and save him from his greatest enemy – himself?


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