Fulcrum by Vicenzo Spiaggi


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World Interconnect (WI-7), a successful terrorist-fighting organization, enlists the help of a notorious gang of hoodlums, an international spy, and other terrorist-fighting organizations, to quell the forces of international jihadism at home and abroad.

Approximately a dozen radical congressional hopefuls are the targets of WI-7. These would-be politicians, supported by evil international financiers, are on a quest to crumble the United States and its culture. WI-7 and its collaborators attempt to eliminate the threat of these politicians and other radicals.

Additionally, WI-7 is an important part of an international plan to destroy a major terrorist-training facility in a Middle Eastern desert.

Once again, fate and luck intercede to assist in the success of WI-7’s plan. Johnny Skull, the most respected WI-7 agent, leads a group of 35 agents in an effort to rid the world of these bloodthirsty terrorists. Of course, a plethora of sub-plots emerge, as they always do, to widen WI-7’s effort beyond the mere elimination of radical individuals.


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