Chronicle of a Death NOT Foretold by Vicky Nick


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It is February 2018 when Nicole Izatovska receives an email that her services as a foreign-language court interpreter are needed for three weeks in Newport, Isle of Wight. But as Nicole waits for the job to begin, she begins hearing rumors that a couple of murders have rocked the quiet southern England town, leaving its residents nervous and leery. A couple of months later, she sets out for the isle with her companion, Roy, without any idea of what lies ahead. As soon as Nicole arrives in Newport, she learns she has been assigned to the case of a mother of three who was last seen alive in July 2017 and allegedly murdered shortly thereafter by the accused culprit, Vladimir Monovski. While Nicole interprets for his solicitor and learns the grisly details of the murder, she embarks on a curiosity-driven quest to learn the truth while delving into what really happened and whether Monovski is guilty or innocent. In this gripping tale, a court interpreter who arrives in a small town in England to assist in a trial soon realizes that nothing is ever as it seems, especially when it comes to murder.


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