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Patrick M. Browning

Patrick Browning, is a lifelong horseman and rancher who now operates the 5 Hopi 3 Canyon Ranches LLC in addition to the Little Horse and O X Ranches. He manages over 750,000 acres of ranch land in Arizona.

As an experienced cowboy, he has traveled the American West and even into the heart of Old Mexico. Taking care of a variety of ranches ranging in size from the largest in the country to the smallest in the neighborhood, all of which are dedicated to raising cattle and horses. His long career in the saddle has afforded him insights and experience into his subject matter that few contemporary authors enjoy. His writings on modern cowboy life and his accounts of how the West was really won have the authenticity that can come from having lived through those times firsthand.

Patrick had published over ten books with Westwood Books Publishing, covering genres as diverse as general fiction, historical fiction, mystery, suspense, short stories, espionage, western, cowboys, animals, and the like. Explore the amazing world of the Contemporary Cowboy through his books: Who Was Dustin Thomas? Cowboy and the Lady, Pardner Series, Where the Wild Ones Are! What’s your Puppy’s name, Boy? And Noah Stone Series.

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Hello Westwood Staff I would like to take this previous time to extend my profound thanks and gratitude to you for your commitment and dedication toward book.. My special thanks go to the production team for the rewarding quality of production given to my book. My book was accepted and approved to be part of my country's curriculum. This is the greatest feat I am so proud of, and it wouldn't have happened without supports.. Once again, thank you for the confidence, joy and hope you brought to me.
Michael Siaway
DEBE-DIE: The Children Too Young To Die
So much good creative work, I loved it. the first Cover Design looks great, I approved the first one. Thank you!
Moti Nyaupane | Milan Nyaupane
Millions Pages of Life
I APPROVE Thank you for an excellent cover, I am very impressed.
Wayne Talbot
Prophecy Unfulfilled: The New Testament Examined by the Rules of Evidence
The design is very, very good! I heartily approve the design! You did a very good job!
John R. Carden
Two Time Winners!!: (And A Seer)
First, it looks beautiful! I love the font, the purple color, the placement of the boxed image and the whole, lovely graphic design, as if the designer read my mind and even improved on what I imagined! I couldn't imagine the gorgeous font! It has a relaxing effect on my eyes which open them to the overall beauty of the font itself, and therefore, the words. Many thanks!
Alla Renée Bozarth
I approve fully. As a matter of fact, the result is better than the original. The person or persons who did the editing deserves congratulations. Please convey to hime (they) my sincere thanks. He/she or them took a good novel and made an excellent one of it. Thank with all my heart.
Rodrigo Paris-Steffens
Fratricidas: A Basque Family SAGABOOK
Bravo ! great job. I am so impressed and excited by your work. I am joyful and also grateful to you for work performed on the book cover. I APPROVED.
DEBEDIE: The Children Too Young To Die
just received the first book, soft cover and hard cover. We are very happy with the books. They are first class, hope all the others are of the same standard.
Judy and Dave Egerton
Fumble the Bumble-Bee
I really like the interior, I really like the way you guys did this. It was very well done.
Jerold Coats | Wayne Cotes
Dreams of Shadow
I absolutely love the layout. I had a chance to truly look at it. And I am satisfied. Splendid work. Thank you!
I just reviewed my Round 2 corrections.Wow! You did a great job And good of you to add the word ..and..on page 49. I am thrilled with my novel.
Mary Graves | Dark Starlight
P.S. I love how the new website looks now, anticipating the hardbound book in August or so. The production team did a great job, and my original vision of the book has been perfectly realized.
Alla Rene'e Bozarth
Diamond in a Stony Field
Thank you very much for the completed and fully revised text of A Sense of More Than received last week, and to Pia Olsen for the revised version of the cover. I have of course scrutinised both the Interior Contents and the details of the Cover with considerable care. I do not see that any further correction or other editing is required. I have to say that Westwood Publishing has done a first-class job on these two components, and I am happy to say that I FULLY APPROVE of the product. With kind regards
Dr. Tony Michael Martin
A Sense of More Than
I'm very pleased with the book. It looks great. I just received a copy in the mail from Amazon. Everyone loves the cover that sees it and said they would pick it up in a book store. Thank You for doing a great job.
Rose Colombo
Westwood Books Publishing is wonderful in every way. The professionals are bright, informative, helpful and motivating. The customer service is excellent and presented in a courteous and timely manner. I feel so happy and refreshed and excited about republishing my book with this company.I highly recommend this business to writers. A

...I like cover design.Hidden gems..spooky ghost ship..ocean..wolf..Dina with her red hair. Title looks good.The colors are great..My husband likes the cover design as well.So Bravo on the front cover.
Mary Graves | Dark Starlight
Night of the Autumnal Equinox
I'd like to thank you and the production team for the outstanding job that you did in bringing my book to production and in placing it for sale in the marketplace. The entire team and yourself have shepherded my book project with professionalism, precision, and great care for my ideas and book content. I loved the final art for the book cover as it was beautifully formatted as well as the response to my need for a few updates in my writing content. Thank you so very much for bringing me into the Westwood Book Publishing Family. I look for great things to come in our future.
Dr. Terri J McCormick, PhD
What Sex Is a Republican?: Stories from the Front Lines in American Politics and How You Can Change the Way Things Are
Westwood books publishes a very personal and caring to their authors and highly professional in their work and I am mind blown by the excellence of their work.
Admiral Arnold
Omar Khayyam and Etta James Mooning Santa Barbara and Gertrude Tennyson, Your Protruding Colossal Bush Has Really Got Me Going!: (Where Truth and Fiction Waltz)
Selecting Westwood Publishing is the best thing I’ve done since writing this book. I wish I had found you a long time ago. Everyone has been so kind, knowledgeable and a pleasure to interface with. I get the feeling the whole culture at Westwood is delightful with a very personable and capable staff.
Joan Zeller
Angel on the Wing: Flight 320 ... Come In!
They offer the best deals!
Pastor Leslie Peters
Our Heavenly Citizenship
The book cover is AMAZING. The illustrations are so out of this world. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. I am happy I chose you all for my book. Take care and God bless!
Felica Horne
ABC Alliteration Book
I love the front cover with the baby on it. Great colors as well. Can’t thank you enough.
Janis Arnold
While I Am Growing, I Want You To Teach Me All These Things From A – Z
We Love, Love, Love the front cover, it is perfect!! Thank you so very much!
Felica Horne
My Prison Life: A Blogger's Insights from the Inside
This is the most amazing result I have seen in a book cover design I have ever seen! This is absolutely excellent! Thank you so very much! I love the color selection and how you bordered the back and front of the cover with such rich color! Thank you again!!
Arvis Marie Taitt
In the Midst of Armageddon: Rainy days may come but...victory is always on the way
Thank you and your department for all you did. My love Patty say there is a time to quit editing. I found it with Westwood Books professional handling of my book. I can't wait to see the finished product.
Mac Mcdonald
The Annihilation of Allison Station: A Science Fiction Mystery
Cover design is beautiful it has an impact on reader.
Arvis Marie Taitt
In the Midst of Armageddon: Rainy days may come but...victory is always on the way
I am very happy with the final changes... I really appreciate all you have done to create a product that I am proud of. I’m excited to see the book and thank you and all of your team for your professionalism in honoring my vision for this work.
Anne Hunter Logue
The Story of the Sun and I Once Had A Tiger
Thank you for all the work you have done. I am impressed, especially with the scripture index!
Charles Tarrell
Glimpses of Grace for Jewish Eyes: Exploring the Grace of God in the Book of Hebrews
Hi... I am so happy! So thrilled! Thank you! I approve! I approve of all of it!
Maggie Lykens
A Little Bird Did Tell
Thank you all for the effort and insight it took to produce the cover. I especially appreciate that you made the material on the back cover far more “readable” by your design and color selection. Thanks once more for a job well done!
Dr. Arnie Zimbelman
Betrayal at Popham
Thank you, I am so impressed with this company. You have really been attentive, respectful, and willing to accommodate my requests no matter how outlandish!
Michelle Risse
Surviving Singlehood in the Artic: A Story of Resilience and Surviving Singlehood Hopefully Not Forever: A Tale of Heartbreak, Strength, and Fortitude
I have been working with Westwood Books for approximately five months now, and first and foremost, I would like to say that WB has so much respect for the process of writing and the mind of the author; I have been so impressed and very grateful. Having worked with another publishing company before with my previous book, believe me, I know what I’m talking about. Westwood Books bends over backwards to make sure that everything is perfect, and not only that, that the author is completely content. Every step of the way, the different team members have worked diligently with me, and the communication has been swift and thoughtful. They let me know exactly what is going on and prepare me for the next step and keep me abreast of things as I am waiting. The finished product was exactly to my liking, inside and out. I had them redo my previous book’s cover. I only described it for them, and they came up with the cover that matched what was in my mind, so much so that I was startled. The quality of the inside of the text book is also superlative. They swiftly got everything up and running on the various platforms and also gave me ideas for marketing without being too pushy; it was just right. In short, Westwood Books cares, and it shows throughout the entire publication process as well as the final product. I have been extremely pleased with my relationship with the whole team, and I would not hesitate to use them again in my future endeavors.
Anna D. Arapakos
Living Stones: 52 Love Letters
When Westwood Books contacted me concerning a book that I had previously written, I was very surprised because many years ago, I had the book published by a different company. Needless to say, it did not sell well. However, that company kept offering me different options and each option was expensive. I gave them a great deal of money and also spent money on advertising, including a trip to Las Vegas for a book signing, that they insisted would benefit the sales of the book. This was to no avail. Time passed, the book did not sell and I became discouraged because of all the money I had spent. So I lost faith in the book and only ordered books for special friends and children. So, I was very surprised when, many years later, another company showed interest in the manuscript. After several conversations, Westwood persuaded me to republish the story with their help. I found this company to be very helpful and excited about the book. They were methodical and concerned and compassionate. They were extremely honest and showed a great deal of integrity through the entire process. The new book cover is much better than I expected and the price for myself is very reasonable. All in all, it has been a learning process for me and a reawakening of my creativity. I would recommend Westwood Books to anyone who is interested in telling a story that comes from their heart.
E. Linda Cushner
Heather and the Angels